Electric Vehicle Solutions

VinES advocates clean energy for life and vehicle electrification by developing state-of-the-Art Lithium-ion Batteries.

VinES is developing SAFE, EFFICIENT and RELIABLE batteries through the combination of core edges

Comprehensive Product Line-ups

VinES is developing a whole range of products from cells, modules, BMS (Battery Management System) and pack products.

Customized products catering to customers' different needs.

VinES is capable of developing and mass-producing new products with customized specifications in a short cycle of time thanks to its solid R&D capability.

State of the art Production Capability

VinES has 4 plants  in Vietnam and is planning for its global expansion, each of which applies strict verification and validation standards of product quality and traceability. VinES also established strong and long-term partnerships accross the global supply chain to secure stable production.

Longer driving range with RELIABLE performance
Improved SAFETY and Cycle life
Comfort Driving with FAST charging performance


Driving range thanks to a high energy density and stable chemistry system

80% SOC

in 20 minutes and target 10 minutes on a single charge as a result of robust fast-charging technology combined with the intelligent BMS strategy.

Our Solutions

Battery cell

VinES offers a versatile range of formats and size with high energy density and capacity (Cylindrical, Prismatic).

Module/Battery pack

Modules and packs can be produced in various designs (whether compact or stackable) to accommodate the client’s needs and offers high productivity and flexibility.


Electric Bikes
Electric Passenger Cars
E-bus and other Commercial Vehicles
Urban Air Mobility
Electric Vessels
Golf Cart

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