Our Long Term Priorities


Sustainable Products

  • VinES supports the worldwide transition to a green and sustainable economy by committing to a COP27 target
  • Conflicting minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold) are not used for battery production
  • Accelerate the use of global EVs with quality batteries
  • Employ high technological solutions: dry-coating, LFP, NMC and solid-state battery

Carbon-Neutral Supply Chain

  • Promote and support the use of Renewable Energy (RE) to all supply chain partners. Accelerate the use of Renewable Energies. Focus on reducing GHG emission following global standards

Closed Loop Recycling

  • By 2025, establish a closed loop recycling including all manufacturing scrap & end-of-life battery are tracked, collected, and recycled


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Promote multi-nationality working environment with more than 14 nationalities and growing
  • Increase focus on Equity and Inclusion through promoting leadership from female and young generation

Fair and Transparent Supply Chain

  • Moving from price-oriented to a value-oriented supply chain
  • Formulate Supplier Management Procedure and Guideline, Supplier Code of Conduct with regularly update, review and re-valuate of supply chain partners
  • Reduce dependent on any specific region with supply chain diversification program
  • Strictly refrain from sourcing from suppliers that are non-compliance with producing or associated with conflict minerals, companies involved in coal-based business models, or companies that disregard ILO fundamentals



  • Cascade Vingroup ESG framework into VinES operations and established ESG committee


  • Formulate a company-wide business risk management system with frequent training, review and update


  • Partnership and participate in global initiatives, ESG organizations and communities


  • We take part in global initiatives, ESG organizations and communities